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Top 10 Sacramento Bail Bonds Services & Bail Bondsmens

Sacramento Bail Bonds Services & Bail Bondsmen

Top Best Bail Bonds Services & Bail Bondsmen

  • #1 Act Fast Bail Bonds

    Act Fast Bail Bonds is a renowned bail bonds company in Sacramento. They specialize in solving issues with the law, which lead to arrest. They serve their customers in the 24/7 mode. They are always ready for emergency help in cases of domestic violence, holds, and felony cases. Their experienced team clears warrants for defendants. Their experts are highly qualified in the legal processes. They always work hard to reach jail release as soon as possible at an affordable price. They are happy to help people in difficult life circumstances.

    5407 Florin Rd

    Sacramento, CA 95823

  • #2 Espinoza Bail Bonds

    Espinoza Bail Bonds is a trusted and reliable bail bondsman in Sacramento. They specialize in the immediate start of solving their clients’ issues with the law after the arrest or holding. They focus on their customers’ circumstances and meet all judicial requirements to release people from jail as soon as possible. Their experts know everything about bail bonds and strive to help their clients in difficult life situations. They work quickly and efficiently to interrupt the detention to reunite people with their beloved ones. They are available 24 hours per day and strive to relieve the painful experience.

    917 7th St

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #3 Acme Bail Bonds

    Acme Bail Bonds is a well-known professional bail bonds company in Sacramento. They specialize in releasing their customers from jail in the most immediate way. They focus on their customers’ comfort and give priceless advice to avoid the trouble and complications of an actual arrest. Their experienced personnel has served the community for over 30 years. Acme Bail Bonds knows everything in the contemporary court system to speed up the release. They provide caring, respectful, and discrete service at a reasonable price. They are proud to make people happy in complex cases.

    900 G St#201

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    (916) 905-5111

  • #4 Alex Padilla Bail Bonds

    Alex Padilla Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bond agent in Sacramento. They specialize in the fastest and efficient getting out of people after arrests. They earned a high reputation due to their extensive experience and friendly attitude to their customers. They are pleased to share their knowledge of the modern judicial system aiming to reach the fastest release of their customers from jail. Alex Padilla Bail Bonds offers clients the most respectful and friendly attitude to make their unpleasant experiences easier and forgettable. They want their clients to live happily and comfortably.

    816 H St Ste 104

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #5 Knotty Girls Bail Bonds

    Knotty Girls Bail Bonds is a famous women-owned bail bond company in Sacramento. They specialize in municipal and federal bonds. Their staff provides high-quality protection of their customers’ interests in the moment of an arrest. They will be happy to answer any of your questions by phone. They work 24 hours per day, all your round. Whenever a case happens, Knotty Girls Bail Bonds is ready to come to help their clients. They provide the most professional and friendly care of people in difficult life situations.

    1715 I St

    Sacramento, CA 95811

  • #6 Bullseye Bail Bonds

    Bullseye Bail Bonds is one of the best bail bonds agency in Sacramento. They specialize in the immediate release of people after arrest. They know perfectly all modern laws and the ways to make the disappointing experience less harmful for people. They guarantee the help to appear in several minutes after a call. They are always available for their clients and ready to answer any questions. Bullseye Bail Bonds offers the expertise of the circumstances of the arrest and build the most efficient plan to get their customers out of jail. They care for their clients like their families. If you're looking for bail bond services in Sacramento, be sure to contact Bullseye Bail Bonds.

    1037 E Main St

    Woodland, CA 95776

  • #7 Eddie Cuevas Bail Bonds

    Eddie Cuevas Bail Bonds is one of the leading bail bond companies in Sacramento. They specialize in releasing people in difficult life circumstances from prison. They understand how hurting the arrest is and do everything to get the clients to the comfort of their homes as soon as possible. They come to the customer’s home or directly to jail right after a call to form a bail bond application. Their experienced experts are ready to help people get one of the priceless values of life – freedom.

    809 8th St

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    (916) 446-2297

  • #8 1 Hour Bail Bond Service

    1 Hour Bail Bond Service is one of the best bail bond agencies in Sacramento. They specialize in the immediate release of arrested citizens. Their team has extensive experience working with courts and police. They believe that all their clients have the right to possess freedom as soon as possible without unnecessary prolongation of being in jail. They exceed all expectations of their clients coming and forming a bail bond application in an hour after a call. For over 30 years, their team has been providing service of making people released and relived.

    801 J St

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #9 Aladdin Bail Bonds

    Aladdin Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bond company in Sacramento. They offer the quickest and most efficient service to residents who need help after arrest. Their agents are available 24 hours a day and complete a bail bond application in several minutes after coming to jail. According to the law, they have all the required knowledge and skills to communicate with authorities and achieve the fastest possible result. Aladdin Bail Bonds understands what people feel about being arrested and provides immediate service to reduce the painful experience.

    715 9th St #105

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #10 Trino Savala Bail Bonds

    Trino Savala Bail Bonds is a trusted and reliable bail bond agency in Sacramento. They specialize in helping people arrested and blamed in gang organization, drugs, and alcohol distribution and use. They have unlimited resources for rehabilitation and releasing services for their clients. They accompany their customers overall the whole process of communication with authorities. They are a reputed agency famous for their quick and efficient work. They are ready to come to you at the moment you call. Their experienced team knows what to do in the most complicated cases.

    1233 F St Ste 3

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    (916) 444-6800

  • #11 Cherry Bail Bonds

    Cherry Bail Bonds is a well-known and reputed bail bond company in Sacramento. They specialize in bail bond applications and other documents required for the quickest release from the complex case. They help all clients by providing the most friendly and respectful service. Their staffs have extensive experience in helping detention and arraignment situations. They also work as notaries and legal services to offer the full range of services required by their customers in extraordinary cases. They focus on their clients’ comfort and speed of work.

    331 J St Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95814

Looking for a service to pay bail bonds in Sacramento ?

A citizen has the right to be released from custody by posting bail. When assigning a pledge, one of its forms can be selected.

Best Bail Bonds Services & Bail Bondsmen in Sacramento

Sacramento Bail Bonds

When choosing a preventive measure of a property nature, one can select one of the forms of legal restriction, which differs in the degree of coercion and the participants involved in criminal proceedings, namely:

  1. "Fully guaranteed bail": the accused pays the total amount of the bail.

  2. "Closed guaranteed bail": the amount is paid for the accused by the pledger to ensure his proper behavior. Both individuals (for example, close relatives) and legal entities (firms that pay for the deposit and provide services for its legal support) can act like it.

  3. "Deposit," the essence of this form is that the accused pays 10% of the amount of the bail bonds, which must subsequently be returned.

  4. "Non-guaranteed bail" appears in court without providing bail but with payment of the entire amount in case of its violation.

Best Bail Bond Companies in Sacramento

According to the Constitution of the Unites States of America, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. The crimes they are charged with are often nonviolent - disorderly conduct, probation violation - and the bail amount is less than $ 1,000. However, when a person cannot come with bail money, they are forced to stay in prison until the court date. In the criminal justice system, this is called "pre-trial detention" in Sacramento .

Therefore, to get out of prison and continue working, you can contact exceptional bail bond firms in Sacramento that will pay bail for you, and you will be able to conduct normal activities until the trial. The main thing is not to forget to come to the hearing.

Here we have a list of Sacramento top 10 bail bonding services & Bail Bondsmen. These companies are professional, speedy, and offer several services to guide you and your loved ones in their unexpected time.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Now You're Ready to Hire the Best Bail Bond Services in Sacramento

Now you know the list of the best bail bond service companies in Sacramento. It is also essential to know what the bail amount assigned by the judge depends on.

The bail depends on the crime and on the "criminal past" of the person. The law does not make a specific amount depending on the number of recidivism. The 8th Amendment to the Constitution protects Americans from "excessive collateral." However, Federal regulations leave this question open.

At least three parties participate in the process of establishing a bail obligation - the court, the prosecutor, and the defense lawyer in Sacramento. The prosecutor plays a significant role in concluding a commitment - he makes recommendations to the judge about the bail amount.

If they have already been called, the defender plays a lesser role since he has just entered the case and does not have complete information. He, as a rule, submits an application for bail. He may conduct separate negotiations with the police and the court to enter his conditions into the bail obligation. Sometimes a commercial guarantor participates in the pledge process, who receives a percentage of the pledge amount for the guarantee.

This recommendation is based on a detailed review of the case materials. If they have already been called, the defender plays a lesser role since they have just entered the case and do not have complete information. Sometimes a commercial guarantor (bail bonds-person) participates in the pledge process, who receives a percentage of the pledge amount for the guarantee.

The procedural function of bail in Sacramento is to provide a material incentive for the accused not to hide from the court. In addition, some judges use bail as a means of punishing a detainee. The judge's opinion is often influenced by the public significance of the case. Another function of bail is protecting and warning against subsequent crimes of a person.