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Top 10 Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyers

Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyers

Top Best Bankruptcy Lawyers

  • #1 1 Day Bankruptcy

    1 Day Bankruptcy is a trusted bankruptcy law firm in Sacramento. They specialize in providing clients with wonderfully efficient legal financial services pertaining to bankruptcy. Established in 2012, 1 Day Bankruptcy has been in the industry for just under ten years, and has garnered plenty of experience in that time. The head of the company, Mr. Shmorgon, first opened his company out of his personal residence. A year later, he moved into his first office space, from which 1 Day Bankruptcy would go on to be the only firm that can help you file for bankruptcy in just one day. They are a one-person business that offers attorney contact in every aspect of the case, allowing 1 Day Bankruptcy to deliver unmatched customer service.

    5015 Madison Ave Ste A

    Sacramento, CA 95841

    (916) 640-7599

  • #2 Affordable Legal Assistance

    Affordable Legal Assistance is a non-profit paralegal group that has been assisting the public in the preparation of legal papers since 1989. It is registered as a Legal Document Assistant in San Mateo and is written/bonded with the county under LDA 2001-11 and 02-001, with an expiration date of December 2021. Mr. Bergin opened his first low-cost legal clinic in Sacramento, California, in 1989. He has vast experience in the legal business and specializes in Bankruptcy, Family Law, Wills, Adoptions, Living Trusts, and Modifications. Mr. Bergin and his colleagues have successfully brought thousands of lawsuits throughout the years.

    755 Sunrise Ave Ste 130

    Roseville, CA 95661

  • #3 American Energy Air & Solar

    American Energy Air & Solar is a trusted air duct cleaning company in Loomis. They specialize in regular and emergent service of installation and repair of air heating and conditioning systems. They provide services for both residential and commercial clients. Their team has 40 years of experience in the industry. They are proud to work on a project of any complexity. Their primary goal is to make their clients happy and satisfied with the air they breathe in rooms. American Energy Air & Solar focuses on green and energy-saving technologies.

    6301 Angelo Ct Ste 1

    Loomis, CA 95650

  • #4 Attorney Debt Reset

    Attorney Debt Reset is dedicated to helping local families protect their consumer rights against creditors. We offer Free attorney consultation and have helped thousands get a fresh financial start. They will help you determine which debt relief path is right for you, including but not limited to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Find out how getting a fresh start can be as easy as pressing the Reset Button. They handle every case with diligence and care. Their Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience in finance & protecting consumer rights. Attorney Debt Reset has helped thousands get a fresh financial start, a local law firm dedicated to assisting local families in protecting their consumer rights against creditors. The partners at Attorney Debt Reset previously worked for a national firm but did not like handling certain things. In 2008 Attorney Debt Reset was founded with the mission to focus on personal customer service.

    1540 River Park Dr Ste 114a

    Sacramento, CA 95815

  • #5 Eason and Tambornini

    Eason and Tambornini is a premier law firm in Sacramento. They specialize in protecting employees by providing services in personal injuries, compensation, and employment laws. Their experienced team represents residents and business representatives in all issues with employment, including immigration, distance, and networking ones. They have been working for over 60 years, always guarding their clients’ interests and gaining the fastest and most impressive support reputation. They have a friendly and respectful manner of working with their customers and achieving fair results in most complex cases.

    1234 H St Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #6 Gale Angelo Johnson & Pruett

    Gale, Angelo, Johnson, and Pruett is a platform that offers its consumers an collective Bankruptcy experience. It is located in three counties: Placer, Alameda, and Contra Costa. Their primary goal as experienced Sacramento Family Law Attorneys is to establish peaceful, result-driven solutions to matters including divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, and adoption. With a combined experience of over 25 years. Furthermore, their organization provides client representation in Northern California to provide actual, effective outcomes in various practice areas such as family law, bankruptcy, and consumer lawsuits. Their recognized and competent lawyers are among the best in their industry. They are concerned about their clients' demands and will work hard to create excellent outcomes for you.

    333 University Ave Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #7 McKee Lisa K Law Offices Of

    McKee Lisa K Law Offices is a Bankruptcy Law firm based in Sacramento, California. McKee specializes in bankruptcy law and other legal real estate matters, such as helping her clients sell their home, either by way of short sale or a traditional sale. McKee Lisa K Law Offices was established in 1998, and with more than two decades of experience in the business, McKee is more than capable of assisting clients with all things bankruptcy and real estate related. She has helped clients purchase homes after completing their bankruptcy, and is passionate about the combination of bankruptcy law and real estate sales.

    1325 Howe Ave Ste 105

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #8 Michael Johnson

    Michael Johson is a solo-owned legal firm in Elk Grove, California, and specializes in Bankruptcy Law, Tax Law, Wills, Trusts, and Probates. John helps his clients take care of creditor harassment, credit card debt, repossessions, foreclosures, judgement from lawsuits, levies, and much more. Established in 2000, Micheal Johnson has been working with his clients for the last 20 years to help them get out of debt and organize their personal affairs. He also helps clients set up revocable living trusts, guardianship provisions, healthcare directives, wills, and power of attorneys. This is one of the most trusted attorneys that Elk Grove has to offer.

    9245 Laguna Springs Dr Ste 200

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #9 Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer is a trusted Bankruptcy Law firm based in Sacramento, California. They specialize in providing clients with high quality legal services regarding bankruptcy at affordable prices. Owned by Mr. Bains, with more than six years in the industry, Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer provides world-class services in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters. After working at two bankruptcy law firms as an associate attorney, Pauldeep Bains opened his own firm to provide his clients with affordable services that could help them manage their bankruptcies, and is now the founder of Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer. While his company was established in 2016, Bains has been practicing bankruptcy law since 2010.

    180 Promenade Cir Ste 300

    Sacramento, CA 95834

  • #10 The Bankruptcy Group PC

    The Bankruptcy Group, PC is a respected Bankruptcy Law firm based in Roseville, California. They are dedicated to providing quality financial law services for small business owners and consumers. The Bankruptcy Group was established in 2011 and has been working in the industry for over a decade. Attorney Stephan Brown and Legal Administrator Eric Welch built the firm to focus on client service with regards to bankruptcy, and the group offers flat-fee pricing for the majority of their bankruptcy cases. They operate a highly collaborative office in which administrative staff and attorneys work together to ensure that their clients receive the best services possible.

    3300 Douglas Blvd Ste 100B

    Roseville, CA 95661

Are you searching for the best bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento? A lot of people are now browsing online looking for the most credible lawyers nearby who can assist them in filing for bankruptcy.

Best Bankruptcy Lawyers in Sacramento

Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyers

Why do you need to file for bankruptcy? The most common reasons are medical, or sickness-related, job loss or reduced income, divorce, or separation, rising debts, excessive use of credit, and emergency expenses. Many are also due to poor financial management related to student loans or unplanned home or car purchases. There may be other options to ease these financial burdens away, but most people are choosing to go through the bankruptcy path. Deciding to take this route is hard. Filing for a bankruptcy case can be a very crucial decision. You cannot do it alone. You need someone to assist you with all the legal aspects involved. Once you decide to file for a bankruptcy case, you may start to look for the best bankruptcy lawyer nearby. Searching for the best bankruptcy lawyer may not be that hard. Choosing the best one to work with you seamlessly in filing for this bankruptcy case will certainly make a difference.

Best Bankruptcy Lawyers Near You

Bankruptcy is not an easy way out. Any bankruptcy case can be complex when not handled properly. Finding the best bankruptcy lawyer in your area may not be that hard. You can search on the internet for the best lawyers to assist you. It will be wise to seek the service of a credible bankruptcy law practitioner. Your chosen lawyer must fully understand your current financial situation. This will allow them to present the best legal route to take for your bankruptcy case. These bankruptcy lawyers will know what to do. Their range of services must be designed to help individuals and businesses in relieving them of their financial woes and burdens. To help you out in selecting the bankruptcy lawyers who can assist you, a list of the best Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers is compiled and included in this article.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Hire the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sacramento

When your business is no longer earning, and debts are filing high, and when financial recovery is coming close to nil, filing for bankruptcy may be the only choice left. It is hard when your financial status goes awry. When all your financial obligations are going out of hand, opting to file for a bankruptcy case may be your last recourse. This can be one of the toughest moments in your life. But things are not entirely hopeless. You just need to find the best lawyer to help you file your bankruptcy case. To ensure that all the legal aspects are covered, select the best bankruptcy lawyer in town. There are a lot of them in the Sacramento area. Find one that is near you. Filing for a bankruptcy case can be very difficult. You need to seek solid legal advice and guidance on how to process the case.

The law firm should have a deep and solid understanding of bankruptcy law. It is tedious and complicated. Knowing the ropes and how to go about it is an advantage. Choose a bankruptcy lawyer with relevant experience. Someone with a credible track record in handling bankruptcy cases can provide you with above-par legal services. Look for a law firm that is dedicated to helping clients, offering affordable legal bankruptcy services rates for their services. Some of these law firms also offer installment payment options because they understand what their clients are going through.

Because they know that you are in deep financial trouble, some also give out free initial consultations for your specific bankruptcy concerns. The list that we give you has the top lawyers with years of experience in handling bankruptcy cases. They are all competent lawyers located in the Sacramento area. Some of them specializes in processing bankruptcy cases. Once you avail of their legal service, these lawyers must stay with you and guide you all throughout the process. Weigh all the different options possible. Truth is, once you have successfully passed through the legal humps, you will be able to relieve yourself of all the financial stress and burdens. You just need to get the best bankruptcy lawyer to do the job. It will be an edge in this case that you will never regret.

Check this list to help you get not just the best but the most comprehensive and affordable legal assistance for your bankruptcy case. It will be to your advantage if you’ll get the services of the best bankruptcy lawyer in the Sacramento area. It may also pay to do some checking online for references. Satisfied clients of these bankruptcy lawyers also post their feedback online to guide you further.