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Top 10 Sacramento Boat Dealers - New & Used For Sales

Sacramento Boat Dealers - New & Used For Sale

Top Best Boat Dealers - New & Used For Sale

  • #1 Mello Marine

    Mello Marine is on of the best family-owned boat dealer in the Sacramento area. They specialize in a whole stack of services required for boats, their parts, and accessories. Their experts have been working for over 20 years and know everything about water jet skis, hydro-cycles, boats, and yachts. Mello Marine sells both new and used boats by Yamaha, Manutou, Barletta and more. They provide a warranty for their works and parts. They are waiting for their customers every day and share their love for the ocean with everybody. Their staffs offer the most current service for water equipment and boats. They are proud to have extensive experience in the field and provide avid tournaments for water skiers and ocean lovers.

    7450 Folsom Auburn Rd

    Folsom, CA 95630

  • #2 Gone Fishin' Marine

  • #3 West Coast Boat Center

  • #4 CHH Marine Services

  • #5 Superior Boat Repair & Sales

  • #6 Auburn Outboard Marine

  • #7 Larson Marine

The boat needs a hull and a working engine. To drive comfortably, you need to choose a model for your tasks.

If you are planning long trips with overnight stays, you need a boat with a cabin. A sports boat is suitable for wake boarding and water skiing: due to the design of the bottom, it accelerates faster services.

Best Boat Dealers - New & Used For Sale in Sacramento

Best Boat Dealers in Sacramento

Are you searching for Sacramento boat dealers that specialize in new boats or used boats for sale in Sacramento?

You can take a used boat cheaper and eventually upgrade it. It will not be possible to make a sports boat out of a pleasure boat, but it is quite possible to add navigation equipment, alter the awning, update the interior and change the engine with boat dealers in Sacramento.

Boats are made of aluminum and plastic. Aluminum is lighter, more reliable, and more expensive. Plastic is easy to damage, so you need to be careful with it: do not dock to a rocky shore, and when buying – check that there are no scratches on the bottom. Even with minor damage, water gets into the composite material of the hull, gradually destroys it, and increases the vessel's weight. To protect the boat, the owners stick special pads on the bottom.

Sacramento Boat Dealers for New & Used Boats

The year of production is not so important: sometimes the boat of 1995 is better than 2005 – the condition depends on how the owner operated it, serviced it, and in what conditions it was preserved for the winter. To assess the situation, ask questions to the owner, inspect the vessel and check the state of the engine.

When choosing a vessel, find out from the seller the carrying capacity and weight of the boat, specify what power, services and length of the leg the motor is needed for this model. These parameters affect fuel consumption – the heavier the boat and the more horsepower, the greater the consumption.

Whether you’re looking for a new boat dealer to purchase in Sacramento or used boat, our list of the top 10 Sacramento Boat Dealers for new and used boats will guide you in the right direction.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Ready To Purchase A Boat in Sacramento?

Today, it is not difficult to buy your own boat from a reputable boat dealer in Sacramento. The catalogs contain hundreds of models and services are designed for any customer opportunity. The assortment is constantly updated!

How do you choose the best boat dealer and understand what kind of boat you really need to buy? To do this, each boat dealer should explain the features of each boat option's use, design, storage, and transportation.

As practice shows, it is often more profitable and far-sighted to buy a boat in Sacramento boat dealer than rent it. After all, you will always be confident in the condition of your equipment and are not tied to boat rental and rental places. In addition, the assembled inflatable boat will not take up much space in the apartment.

When it comes to buying and choosing a boat from a Sacramento boat dealer, many variables and conditions are worth considering. Without knowing how to buy a boat correctly, you can spend a lot of time and money on this process.

Our Sacramento boat dealer tips will help you.

  1. Before buying a boat, decide for what purposes you need it. Go fishing, water skiing, or just take exciting walks on the water. The design and technical characteristics differ depending on the purpose of the vessel with the boat dealers.

  2. If you plan to buy a new boat in Sacramento boat dealer, buy it from a boat dealer who has an affiliation with the brand. You can get a discount, installments, guarantees from them. Keep in mind that the final price of the boat issue will consist of three components: the ship itself, the trailer for transportation, accessories/options.

  3. Pay attention to how qualified the boat dealer is. Please specify whether service support is provided, what are the terms and conditions of the warranty. The professionalism will be indicated by the personal experience of the boat dealer in the operation of the boat being sold, his own opinion, which he is ready to honestly and openly share with you.