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Top 10 Sacramento Cosmetic Surgery Doctors & Plastic Surgeons

Sacramento Cosmetic Surgery Doctors & Plastic Surgeons

Top Best Cosmetic Surgery Doctors & Plastic Surgeons

  • #1 Akil Palanisamy, MD

    Akil Palanisamy, MD is a trusted podiatrist clinic in Sacramento. They have several decades of experience in orthopedic services, and the positive transformation of bodies. Their professional experts help individuals to make their lives better. Akil Palanisamy masters in reaching the customers’ goals and customizes their techniques with the current needs and requirements. Their office is in a pleasant and friendly environment, which helps relief of pain, calmness and comfort of every client. They aim for inner motivation for the best results of treatment.

    2801 K Street Suite 502

    Sacramento, CA 95816

  • #2 Elite Body Sculpture

    Body Sculpture Elite business was established in 2012 by Dr. Aaron Rollins. It is located at Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills, in California. By developing a cutting-edge treatment and ensuring that it is always provided in a pleasant, non-surgical setting, they have already eliminated the fear and agony associated with fat removal. Over 25,000 AirSculpt procedures have been conducted. Unlike standard liposuction, which eliminates fat by scraping and suctioning, the innovative AirSculpt treatment plucks fat cell by cell through a freckle-sized orifice while tightening the skin at the same time. These are some of the services that Elite Body Sculpture has offered to its customers for the past 9 years.

    2270 Douglas Blvd Ste 115

    Roseville, CA 95661

  • #3 Embodee’d Body Sculpting

    Embodee’d Body Sculpting endeavors to help those struggling with body image build their confidence at such an affordable price. To get their services, their interested costumers can visit them at 717 K Street, Sacramento, California. They’re certified contouring professionals and enjoy what they do. However, understanding the most acceptable procedures is only one-half of the equation; they’re also there to help you look and feel fantastic. They care about their clients pleasure and satisfaction, whether they go for a 30-minute body sculpting session or a whole spa day. Additionally, their products are all-natural, giving you that additional zen. And if their clients fall in love with any of their products, they are welcome to purchase. They are open from Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 9 PM and on weekends from 10 AM - 7 PM—only appointment.

    717 K St

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    (916) 877-4673

  • #4 Ideal Plastic Surgery

    Ideal Plastic Surgery first opened its doors in July 2020, at 77 Cadillac Dr. Suite 170Sacramento, Ca 95825.  The facility is patient-driven and offers only premium quality and ultra-modern technology in cosmetic surgery. They provide a range of cosmetic surgeries from Gender Affirmation Surgery, Breast Reduction, Facelift Surgery, Butt Augmentation, Abdominal Etching,, etc. They have a team of highly-trained professionals who are devoted to making you feel happy and confident. The staff is patient-friendly and you’ll never be judged or humiliated at this facility. The team is led by Dr. Pirko, who is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has been practicing plastic surgery since 2005. He is assisted by DR. DEB, who earned her medical degree and plastic surgery residency training from the prestigious Stanford University and is a celebrated personality in the plastic surgery community.

    77 Cadillac Dr Ste 170

    Sacramento, CA 95825

    (916) 664-3391

  • #5 J. Rudy Coscia MD

    Rudy Coscia has been providing much-needed cosmetic surgery services for many years. They have two locations; the Granite Bay office is located at 8723 Sierra College. The facility is led by Dr. Coscia, a graduate of the University of Tennessee, who has been a practicing surgeon since 2012. Their staff consists of certified doctors who have vast knowledge in the cosmetic surgery field. They are equipped with the latest technologies in this field and implement incomparable techniques to ensure that their patients get the best that there’s to offer. What’s more, their staff are patient-friendly,since they won't experience any judgment from them. Instead, they strive to rebuild self-esteem in patients who feel low in life.

    8723 Sierra College Blvd

    Granite Bay, CA 95746

  • #6 Michael Aguilar MD

    Michael Aguilar offers the best cosmetic surgery services in Sacramento. They’re located at Michael Aguilar, M.D. 79 Scripps Dr. Suite 202 Sacramento, CA 95825 and are open on business days from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Dr. Aguilar is a highly-qualified surgeon who earned his decorated medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 1992. He has been in private practice since 2002. However, he’s also performed surgeries at Mercy General Hospital and Sutter Medical Center, where he is the serving Chief of General Surgery in both facilities. Dr. Aguilar executes a wide range of procedures, but he is interested in laparoscopic surgery, hernia repairs, gallbladder surgery, and non-cosmetic breast cancer surgery.

    79 Scripps Dr Ste 202

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #7 The Almonte Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

    The Almonte Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery is devoted to assisting you in attaining an outside appearance that represents how you feel on the inside. They are located at 1420 Blue Oaks Blvd. Suite 100 Roseville, CA 95747. Their team is led by Dr. Arnold Almonte, who is a certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Almonte has spent years honing the services he provides to his patients. During your private appointment, they'll assess your problems and go through treatments and alternatives. He aesthetically treats his patients, giving them a natural, young appearance. They will ensure that their staff are using the safest and most effective procedure(s) to get your desired results. Their customers can visit them at their offices from 9 AM-4 PM on weekdays or simply give them a quick call Phone: 916-771-2062

    1420 Blue Oaks Blvd Ste 100

    Roseville, CA 95747

    (916) 297-4126

  • #8 University Skin Institute

    University Skin Institute is a dermatology clinic in Sacramento, California. They provide the highest quality individualized care in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. They use state-of-the-art technology and minimally invasive techniques to enhance beauty and to treat skin diseases. Their lead dermatologist has over ten years of experience and has research focused on the early detection of skin cancers. They offer thorough skin checks at the office and educate their patients on the different types of skin cancer and the various treatments available. They offer recommendations on diet, lifestyle, and skincare products to enhance natural beauty. They also provide non-surgical anti-aging regimens, non-invasive facial and body rejuvenation with neuromodulators, fillers, various types of lasers, and energy-based devices. Visit them today for a five-star experience.

    650 University Ave Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #9 Wayne I. Yamahata MD

    Wayne I. Yamahata, MD is a plastic surgeon in Sacramento, California. He is an active member of the plastic surgeon community and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. He has practiced plastic surgery for over 20 years and has served as the chief of plastic surgery for the Sutter Community Hospitals. He is qualified to perform numerous plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and is usually called upon to handle difficult cases. He serves in Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and throughout Northern California. Dr. Wayne Yamahata is a 2018 award-winning recipient and has earned a 4.5-star rating on yelp. Visit his website today to learn more and book appointments.

    95 Scripps Dr

    Sacramento, CA 95825

Want to wake up with the real-life Instagram filter? These top ten Cosmetic Surgery Doctors and Plastic Surgeons located in Sacramento may be the answer to your dreams.

Best Cosmetic Surgery Doctors & Plastic Surgeons in Sacramento

Best Cosmetic Surgery Doctors in Sacramento

Going to work for 8 hours a day can make us look fried and tired. Sometimes, even make-up cannot hide the fact that you are overworked. The stress and tiredness in your well-being are undeniably visible through your dark under eyes, dull skin, and pale lips. No one wants to walk around the metro looking like a new cast of “The Walking Dead.” These top ten cosmetic surgery doctors and plastic surgeons in Sacramento can help you achieve your dream face and body if you desire to improve and enhance your looks and overall appearance.

Certified with their license and medical degrees, these cosmetic surgery doctors in Sacramento are guaranteed to be experts and professionals in this line of work. To ensure that their client would achieve the best transformation - these cosmetic surgery doctors and plastic surgeons in Sacramento offers a wide variety of services. Your face and body are guaranteed safe in the hands of these top doctors and plastic surgeons because they are committed to giving the most efficient and safest service in the city. They care about the well-being of their patients as much as they care about their beauty and confidence.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeons

These top ten cosmetic surgery doctors and plastic surgeons in Sacramento have built their name and reputation through many years of experience in the industry. Most of them offer different types of enhancements and surgeries like breast implants, facelifts, liposuction, and many more.

The central purpose of being a cosmetic surgery doctor and plastic surgeons in Sacramento is to achieve one goal. They are united to reclaim and build up the lost vitality, confidence, and youth in every patient that would come to them.

Be ready to remember the names included in the list below to achieve a fresh new you.

Top Best Cosmetic Surgery Doctors & Plastic Surgeons

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Choose the Best Sacramento Cosmetic Surgeon for Your Needs

Being a human is a tough job. The world has unrealistic expectations and pressure when it comes to personal appearance. Though you do not get to choose what face or body you get to live in, you still have the chance to decide what to do with it. Nowadays, different doctors and surgeons are plastered and advertised everywhere. It is hard to trust your face and body to someone without any knowledge about them. With the list of doctors and surgeons mentioned above, your worries would not be a problem anymore.

The listed top ten cosmetic surgery doctors and plastic surgeons located in Sacramento are here to assist you in achieving your face and body goals. Potential patients can now attain their most awaited “glow up” with the services offered specifically altered to cater to their unique wants and needs.

Your long wait to find the perfect cosmetic surgery doctor ends here if you book an appointment with the recommended surgeons on the list in Sacramento. You do not have to hide the real you under your favorite filters and applications; regain your confidence and flaunt your beauty unapologetically anytime and anywhere.