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Top 10 Sacramento Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops

Sacramento Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops

Top Best Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops

  • #1 Homely Upholstery

    Homely Upholstery is one of the leading furniture reupholstery companies in Sacramento. They specialize in the renovation of sofas, loveseats, custom cushions, and armchairs. They perform dining chairs, barstools, computer chairs, sling chairs, Morris chairs, and outdoor patio furniture. Their experienced staffs produce additional cushion filling and usual foam replacement. They carefully operate with antique and midcentury furniture. It is a family-owned and locally-operated business. They offer high-quality craftsmanship for furniture reupholstery and custom furniture upholstery. Their team consists of only highly trained and experienced upholsterers.

    3410 Delta Queen Ave

    Sacramento, CA 95833

  • #2 Cut-yardage

    Cut-yardage is a unique interior remodeling company in Sacramento. They specialize in furniture reupholstery, interior design, shades, and blinds. Their skilled team offers the lowest prices for works and materials. They produce, install and repair valances, draperies, curtains, swags, cascades. They operate with Roman shades and tiebacks, cornices, cushions, pillows, and bolsters. Their experienced team offers tablecloths and placemats, table runners and toppers, bedspreads, coverlets, comforters, bed skirts, and slipcovers. They are proud of their reputation as reliable and trusted contractors and sellers of the best services and goods.

    815 Professor Ln Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95834

  • #3 Jim's Auto Tops & Upholstery

    Jim's Auto Tops & Upholstery is a reputed upholstery company in Folsom. They specialize in upholstery repairs and convertible tops. They provide services on complete interior remodeling and upholstery production for cars and boats. Their experienced team offers car upholstery repair and recovery. They replace foam and fabric. They confirm that all parts are suitable for furniture sizes. They have been working for years, making people happy and comfortable with renovated furniture and accessories. They focus on the complete customers' satisfaction and appreciate every customer.

    806 Reading St Ste C

    Folsom, CA 95630

    (916) 608-8600

  • #4 B & T Upholstery

    B & T Upholstery is a family-owned furniture reupholstery company in Sacramento. They specialize in the repairs and reupholstering of both antique and contemporary furniture. They provide services of restoring vintage art deco and midcentury furniture. They make new cushions and foam replacements. They are dedicated to the complete customers’ satisfaction with the craftsmanship and quality of their work. B & T Upholstery navigates their clients in the world of reupholstery. They never stop working until they reach the best results. They provide excellent services at a reasonable price.

    6806 Fruitridge Rd

    Sacramento, CA 95820

    (916) 995-7177

  • #5 Xpert Upholstery Works

    Xpert Upholstery Works is a reputed upholstery and reupholstery service in Sacramento. They specialize in general upholstery work for homes, cars and boats. They also offer awnings. Their experienced team consults about fabric and its sustainability. They case of their customer’s property. Xpert Upholstery Works treat the clients’ furniture, cars, or marine objects attentively. They meet all wishes and requirements of their clients. They collaborate with the most prominent manufacturer of materials to make the results uncomparable. They respect and appreciate their customers and focus on their satisfaction.

    7941 Amadore Ave Ste 3

    Sacramento, CA 95826

  • #6 Kam's Upholstery & Furniture

    Kam's Upholstery & Furniture is one of the leading Furniture Reupholstery company in Rocklin. They have been working for over 25 years in the market. They provide their customized services to residential and commercial clients. They enjoy the entire process from designing until implementation. They work best for their customers’ needs through material selections and completion. Kam's Upholstery & Furniture work in the most friendly and respectful manner. They provide excellent services at the reasonable price. They will be pleased to arrange a meeting by phone or email.

    5520 Paragon Ct

    Rocklin, CA 95677

  • #7 DL Upholstery

    DL Upholstery is one of the most prominent furniture reupholstery company in Sacramento. They specialize in custom-made furniture for all types of houses, restaurants, bars, and businesses. Their furniture made to fit any wishes, needs and requirements. Their highly skilled staffs provide quality service for large business centers and private house owners. They are proud of the honest and sensitive works they perform always on time. They will be pleased to answer your call and give all required recommendations on the good care of the furniture.

    4141 Power Inn Rd Ste d

    Sacramento, CA 95826

  • #8 US Furniture & Upholstery

    Digital Luxury Installations is a specialized furniture repair and mattresses service in Roseville. They have been working since 2007 and have extensive experience in providing the best service in the field. They focus on a high level of comfort of the clients. Digital Luxury Installations offers excellent services at a reasonable price. They will be happy to answer all questions by phone or email.

    2703 El Camino Ave

    Sacramento, CA 95821

    (916) 978-0798

  • #9 Evco Custom Upholstery

    Evco Custom Upholstery is a reliable company in Sacramento. They specialize in upholstery and furniture industry. They have been working for over 40 years. They focus on customers’ needs and requirements for the best results. Their experienced team recover antique and modern furniture. They handle wood tables, dresses and buffets. They work with all pieces, which need refinishing. They accommodate the respectful and friendly manner of work.

    3432 Auburn Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 95821

  • #10 Standard Upholstery

    Standard Upholstery is a trusted reupholstery service in Sacramento. They specialize in home and car seats and other pieces. They are dedicated to the complete comfort and style for their clients. Their experienced staffs make sure the seats are amazing. Their skills extend to all types of upholstery including furniture, boat, restaurant seating, medical chairs, and many other. Their primary goal is the honest service at a reasonable price.

    700 El Camino Ave

    Sacramento, CA 95815

  • #11 Highlands Upholstery

    Highlands Upholstery is a family-owned Furniture Reupholstery service company in North Highlands. They specialize in home, marine and automobile furniture. Their professional personnel provides the most reliable, professional, and trustworthy services in Sacramento. Their primary goal is to please the customers with the comfort. Highlands Upholstery considers that a comfortable environment is essential for people, and they are ready to help with this. Highlands Upholstery offers only high-quality services to its clients. They satisfy all desires of their clients. They work in the friendliest manner.

    5070 Roseville Rd

    North Highlands, CA 95660

    (916) 332-5218

We can say that the center of the interior of the living room is a sofa. Many furniture options change, transform and rearrange, but the couch in the living room always serves as the basis of any composition. Moreover, as the most intensively used thing, the sofa wears out and ages faster than other pieces of furniture in Sacramento.

Best Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops in Sacramento

Find the Best Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops in Sacramento

However, if your favorite sofa has stopped pleasing you with its appearance, do not rush to throw it away. It is often possible to restore the previous appearance of upholstered furniture or even improve it by contacting professionals at repair shops in Sacramento.

Favorite pillows also lose their original shape over time. The filler wears out and is crushed, which affects the appearance of the pads. The specialists of Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops will help to correct the situation in Sacramento. They will help to update pillows and furniture, even without taking them out of the apartment.

The cost depends on the time spent and the choice of consumables, so the master will name the final price after assessing the condition of the furniture. The filler is replaced in several stages:

  • The expert evaluates the condition of the sofa or chair.
  • The material is selected, and its quantity is calculated.
  • The upholstery material is removed. At this stage, if necessary, you can also cover the sofa with a new fabric, artificial or natural leather.
  • After cutting and installing the filler, the upholstery is returned to its place or changed to a new one.

Sacramento Upholstery Repair

The company's specialists will help you choose what to fill the sofa cushions with, considering the type of furniture, the requirements of strength and softness of the seats. In addition, at your request, you can change the thickness or choose a material that has orthopedic properties in Sacramento.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Replace Your Foam Cushions in Sacramento

The cost of repairing each upholstered furniture product is calculated individually. The list of works can contain only replacing upholstery fabric, replacing springs, replacing the transformation mechanism, foam, or other filler. The company will consider materials used for upholstery (fabrics, leatherette leather) and material consumption in repair shops. The complexity factor influences the price too - if it is modern furniture with simple geometric shapes or a sofa in a classic style, in the style of Provence in Sacramento. Therefore, the exact cost is calculated only after examining the couch or other upholstered furniture.

All companies offer a large selection of materials for the cost of repair shops in Sacramento. However, you can also buy filler, fabric, or leather yourself. You can change the fill separately and drag the material only on one of the furniture elements, for example, on the sofa's armrest. If so, the price will be calculated a little differently.

Cushion Foam Replacement & Upholstery Repair Shops repair upholstered furniture, including upholstery, binding, or restoration in Sacramento. They work with sofas of all types, armchairs, chairs, specialized upholstered furniture. They also work on carriage screed, wall draping, upholstery of modular systems, production of wall panels, repair of wooden furniture, and restoration of paint and varnish coating.

As a rule, specialists perform work at home. This is more convenient for both the client and the company. In some cases, companies transport furniture to a workshop equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. After the work is completed, they return the table to your home, ordering the most accurate movers in Sacramento.

All companies provide a guarantee for their work in Sacramento. All works are performed according to the contract, which also specifies the warranty period. The time depends on the number of repaired items, complexity, and size. Usually, it takes from one to two weeks to repair the couch in repair shops. Urgent orders are executed on the day of the request.