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Top 10 Sacramento Estate Sales Companies

Sacramento Estate Sales Companies

Top Best Estate Sales Companies

  • #1 JLS Jewelers Liquidation Services

    JLS Jewelers Liquidation Services is a trusted and highly reputed company in Fairfield. They specialize in diamonds, gold, vintage, and estate jewelry evaluations and purchase. They have been working in the market for over 40 years and collected great experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. Their branch of estate liquidation includes services of selling any valuables for clients’ complete satisfaction. JLS Jewelers Liquidation Services offers its customers’ customized approach to meet all requirements in the best possible way. They guarantee successful results for any complex objects.

    2460 Hilborn Rd Ste 1A

    Fairfield, CA 94534

    (866) 323-8959

  • #2 Burns Estate Liquidator

    Burns Estate Liquidator is a prominent and trusted estate liquidation service in Sacramento. They specialize in estate auctions. They can sell all items from the house separately like paintings, jewelry, furniture, decoration items, monuments, table sets, and household items. They collaborate with specific collectors and shops to get the most profitable price for your property. Their staffs provide a complete cleanup and even small repair services for the emptied house to represent it for the future customers in its best view. They are always ready to give free consultations and selling recommendations.

  • #3 Wright’s Estate Liquidators

    Wright’s Estate Liquidators is a loyal family-owned liquidator of real estate in Sacramento. They specialize in online sales, auctions, and complete or partial buy-outs. They deliver a customized approach and personalized options for their clients. They help people sell vehicles, jewelry, art objects, household items, vintage clothing, table sets, tools, and equipment. Their experienced staffs search for the best prices for customers’ items. Their central concept is to make the client get profit from everything while transitioning. Their professional team is always ready to use all their knowledge and skills to satisfy a client for 100%.

  • #4 Valley Estate Liquidation

    Valley Estate Liquidation is the premier estate liquidation service in Sacramento. They provide a unique approach to selling estate property and are proud of keeping their clients 100% satisfied. Their experienced team searches for the best auctions and buy-outs to get the best price for them. They work for low commission and offer high-level services without hidden fees. Valley Estate Liquidation focuses on its customers’ needs and wishes and guarantees fast results at a reasonable cost. Their work is transparent and straightforward controlled by the clients leading to enlarging the list of happy people who sold their estate.

  • #5 Reimaginings Estate Sale Services

    Reimaginings Estate Sale Services is a high-rated estate liquidation company in Rancho Cordova. They specialize in selling real estate to residential individuals and businesses. Their extensive experience allows them to find the buyers for any item of the customers’ house. They work in online auctions and sell paintings, art objects, antiques, books, table sets, figurines, and clothing. Their staffs understand that a move can cost much money, time, and strength. They do everything to facilitate this process to their clients, keeping their money and reducing the hassle.

    10824 Olson Dr Ste C115

    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

  • #6 Dianna’s Estate Liquidation

    Dianna’s Estate Liquidation is a versatile company in Sacramento. They spatialize in estimating and selling estate with all objects inside – furniture, clothing, curtains, and any other second-hand items. Their experienced staffs provide honest and transparent service. They always aim to reach the complete satisfaction and happiness of their clients. They have several stores in thrift shops where they sell the items. They can implement the work quickly and efficiently to make their clients free of the old estate and move to a new one.

    5049 College Oak Dr

    Sacramento, CA 95841

  • #7 Kathy Platt Estate Sales

    Kathy Platt Estate Sales are one of the leading estate liquidation companies in Sacramento. They provide professional liquidation services and help eliminate any unwanted things. They reduce the customers’ stress and exhaustion connected with the selling of estate objects. Their attentive and friendly staffs help families in transition in the most comfortable way. They have been working for over 15 years and earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner. Their primary principle is to ensure a customer does not throw out any things. They pay great efforts to keep customers’ money and liquidate the stuff with the possible profit.

  • #8 Schiff Estate Services

    Schiff Estate Services is a customer-oriented estate liquidation company in Sacramento. They specialize in versatile services of liquidation. They accept antiques, art objects, jewelry, accessories, vintage clothing and dishes, collectibles, tools, and equipment. Their high-skilled experts will give the best estimation for the customers’ books, decorative stuff, household and garden items. Schiff Estate Services provides extensively friendly communication with their customers to feel confident and relaxed during a transition. Their experienced staffs have been working hard for the customers’ satisfaction for over a decade.

    1309 Del Paso Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 95815

  • #9 University Estate Liquidators

    University Estate Liquidators is a well-known qualified liquidation company in Sacramento. They specialize in full-service of liquidation operations. They have helped hundreds of families to transit from their old houses without stress or anxiety. Their high-skilled staff provides transparent and honest estimates of their customers’ furniture, household and garden items, paintings, and clothing. University Estate Liquidators strive for the complete customers’ happiness and relaxation. They are proud of the positive reviews and earned the reputation of a reliable partner in the liquidation business. Their team will always be pleased to answer your questions.

  • #10 Estate Sale Guy

    Estate Sale Guy is a unique estate liquidation service in Sacramento. They specialize in a complete stack of services of real estate liquidation. Estate Sale Guy has been working for over a decade. They provide their services for those who want to transit to another estate, sell a house, or eliminate the number of household items at home. They have been in business for over 30 years, providing the best service to clients. The team meets every need and desire of the client. Their number one goal is to satisfy their clients.

    5714 Folsom Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 95819

Are you looking to hold an estate sale but want the most profit possible? You are not alone. Estate sale companies work tirelessly to assist individuals in selling their loved one’s possessions. Every day people search for help in the Sacramento area.

Best Estate Sales Companies in Sacramento

Find The Best Sacramento Estate Sales Companies

Losing a loved one invokes emotions, and parting with belongings can become overwhelming. These sales require a delicate hand. In some cases, estate sales are made due to financial hardships that need the family to sell what they own to pay bills. In either case, it is rarely because a homeowner wants to part with their belongings. It is essential to find a company that will handle your sale with care and treats you with the respect you are due.

We have compiled a list of the top estate sale companies into Sacramento help you start your search. They have shown to have the experience and integrity to make sure you get the most profit. However, because selling involves emotions, you will want to find the business that you feel most comfortable with. We aim to make it easier in this difficult time, but you will still need to do some research.

Hiring an estate sale specialist benefits you by reducing the stress, organizing your belongings, knowing the market value, and marketing to the public. In some cases, they will also help you with the accounting and clean-up. Research each repair companies online and find out what their rates are and what services they offer in Sacramento. Do not be afraid to ask them questions and tell them what items mean to you. You want to make sure they understand your emotions, and they should always make you feel like you matter to them. Remember, they are there to help you maximize your profits while helping you through this difficult time.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Hire an Estate Sales Company in Sacramento

This list is designed to give you confidence in starting your search for local estate sale companies in Sacramento. When you are working with one from this list, you can rest assured that you will have someone who has the experience and the knowledge of the market. However, working with someone you feel comfortable with as well. Talking to friends and family will help give you ideas of whom they have worked with and why. Other reviews online will assist in this aspect as well.

Estate sales are a great way to make a large amount of money in a short period. They will require you to part with belongings you may have emotional attachments to. When you find a company you are comfortable with, you will have a better experience and make the money you need to pay bills. Searching the internet will not always tell you how a company handles sensitive items, so you need to make sure you take the time to call and talk to the repair companies in Sacramento.

It takes experience to sift through belongings and determine what their values are quick. You want someone who creates a warm and caring atmosphere while marketing your items professionally. How the sale is set up is just as important as the pricing of items. Talk to the business owners to see portfolios of past sales. Every home will be different, and you will need a delegate touch when it comes to items you feel should be valued higher. Don’t be afraid to take your time in selecting the perfect estate sale company in Sacramento and never contract with someone until you are completely satisfied.