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Top 10 Sacramento James Hardie Siding Contractors & Installers

Sacramento James Hardie Siding Contractors & Installers

Top Best James Hardie Siding Contractors & Installers

  • #1 GVD Renovations

    GVD Renovations is a locally owned and trusted contractor in Roseville. They specialize in complete exterior and interior renovation services, including James Hardie siding replacement, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, replacement windows and home remodeling. Their competent team has extensive experience making hundreds of Sacramento homeowners happy. Their expert design consultants will be pleased to give a customer all recommendations on improving the living space. They use only high-quality materials and modern technologies in their work. GVD Renovations offers excellent craftsmanship, always keeping your home and yard clean and ready to live after finishing the project.

    620 Commerce Dr, Ste D

    Roseville, CA 95678

  • #2 California Energy Consultant Service

    California Energy Consultant Service is one of the oldest insulation installation, heating, and air conditioning and windows installation companies in Rancho Cordova. They specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing heating and cooling systems. Their professional staff provides unique emergency services for cooling and heating systems. Their key goal is to serve customers with the highest level of service by certified professionals, honesty, integrity, and the commitment to a job. California Energy Consultant Service navigate you in a world of modern technology and services for heating and cooling maintenance, installation, and repair.

    11367 Trade Center Dr Ste 115

    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

  • #3 All Sides Exteriors

    All Sides Exteriors is a loyal contractor of windows installation and wall painting service in Sacramento. They do all types of siding repairs and new installations. They do emergency works on the day you call. Free cost estimation is available for all customers. You can get consultations and advice on the high-quality renovation of your property. Their team is the trusted source for commercial and residential customers. All Sides Exteriors on their customers’ needs. Their primary goal is to achieve clients' complete satisfaction and perform all works at the highest level.

    (916) 910-5978

  • #4 Northwest Exteriors

    Northwest Exteriors is a loyal contractor of windows installation and wall painting service in Rancho Cordova. They provide reliable remodeling and improvements for more comfortable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing. You can get consultations and advice on the high-quality renovation of your property. Their team is the trusted source for commercial and residential customers. They have the highest reputation and offer affordable prices. Northwest Exteriors focuses on their customers’ needs. Their primary goal is to achieve clients' complete satisfaction and perform all works at the highest level.

    11200 Sun Center Dr

    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

  • #5 DL Design Construction

    DL Design Construction is a reliable family-owned remodeling company in Sacramento. They specialize in windows and siding design, installation, and maintenance. Their staffs have been working in the market for over 10 years, providing fiber cement siding, gutters, windows or garage doors. Their experiences staffs aim to help people in remodeling their homes. DL Design Construction strives to make people felling happy and safe in their homes or office. They never leave their customers without complete satisfaction following the reputation of the best local remodeling company.

    9941 Horn Rd Ste C

    Sacramento, CA 95827

  • #6 3 Generations Improvements

    3 Generations Improvements is a family-owned comprehensive contractor in Folsom. They have been remodeling and reengineering houses for over 70 years. They specialize in windows installation, patio coverings, wall repair, and other outdoor works. Their highly professional team provides the most reliable and timely checked solutions for their customers. They install fiber cement siding, wood siding, composite siding, metal siding, composite decking, and full windows replacement. They protect their customers from the emergency providing safe and lasting outdoor works. 3 Generations Improvements offers excellent services at a reasonable price.

    101 Parkshore Dr Ste 100

    Folsom, CA 95630

  • #7 Elite Lath & Plastering

    Elite Lath & Plastering is one of the largest remodeling business in Rancho Cordova. They specialize in all kinds of stucco services. They offer the design of the most modern walls, with the embedded lighting, air conditioning, steaming, and water saving. Their experienced team works with water leaks, damaged and peeling stucco. They do stucco replacement and installation in the cleanest way. Elite Lath & Plastering uses hi-tech technologies and only high-quality materials for stucco services. Their primary goal is to reach the happiness of their customers.

    10517 George Town Dr

    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

    (916) 207-1071

  • #8 Legacy Lath & Plaster

    Legacy Lath & Plaster is a well-known masonry artisan in Sacramento. They specialize in masonry supplies, pavers, retaining walls, natural stone fences and curbs, and many others. They are a family-operated business providing high-quality service to residential and business customers. Legacy Lath & Plaster has been operating in the market for over 25 years and offers key product lines with the appropriate design, construction, and maintenance. Their experienced and licensed staff will be pleased to meet all customers’ wishes and suggest the best possible solutions for lasting results.

    (916) 817-9763

  • #9 House to Home Builder

    House to Home Builder is a renovation contractor in Sacramento. They specialize in various kinds of water leak, stucco repair work. They provide unique stucco texture, services of stucco cracks repair. Their experienced team help with a leaking roof, window or door. They use only high-quality materials for their customers’ houses. Their clients can be sure of the complete safety of the walls. Their exterior projects assemble the whole-street sight attractive and very beautiful. They create feelings of happiness and satisfaction from living in the renovated houses.

  • #10 Elite Construction and Remodel Corp

    Elite Construction and Remodel Corp Shadings is a famous family-owned remodeling contractor in Sacramento. They specialize in recovery after damaged dry rot and termite damage. Their specialists provide their services for residential and commercial clients. Their staffs have certificated to repair the most complex cases. They are proud to have great reviews from their customers, homeowners, stores, shops, warehouses, and others. They always focus on the clients’ needs and on the particular environment to get the best lasting results.

    4360 Pinell St

    Sacramento, CA 95838

  • #11 America’s Dream HomeWorks

    America’s Dream HomeWorks is a family-owned business in the home improvement area serving Sacramento and surrounding areas. They offer a wide range of home renovation services at affordable prices. They specialize in home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bath renovation and other renovation services. They control the quality of the work throughout the whole process of implementation. Their experienced team has been renovating and improving residential homes for the last two decades. They offer professionally driven services and high-quality building materials for all their customers. Their primary goal is to meet all wishes of the customers.

    7115 Watt Ave, Ste 100

    North Highlands, CA 95660

  • #12 Dan's Construction Sacramento

    Dan's Construction Sacramento is one of the most trusted companies in Elk Grove. They specialize in patios, fences, sheds, pergolas, outdoor decks, floors, and many more. Their experienced employees help residential and commercial construction assignments. Their main priority is pavilions, shade structures, mahogany furniture, custom milling. Dan's Construction Sacramento guarantees a high-quality and fast performance of their work. They follow all the instructions of their clients. Their experienced staffs will finish all works in the shortest time. They are available from the early morning to the late evening.

    9484 Oak Village Way

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

If you need the best company or contractor in Sacramento to install or replace James Hardie siding for your home, then look at the list we have prepared for you. Among the many options, James Hardie siding is North America's #1 siding material.

Best James Hardie Siding Contractors & Installers in Sacramento

James Hardie Siding Installers Near You

Are you looking for best Sacramento James Hardie siding contractors or reviews for James Hardie siding installers?

If would like to hire a top-rated, experienced James Hardie siding installer in Sacramento, you are in the right place!

Many homeowners in Sacramento search locally for “James Hardie contractors near me”.

Sacramento James Hardie Siding Contractors

Regardless of whether it is necessary to repair or insulate the walls, new siding installation is used in most cases. When choosing a suitable exterior siding material, both the cost and the properties are taken into account. James Hardie siding is one of the most popular siding materials installed across North America.

Siding is the outer part of a hinged facade system, which is also called ventilated. Siding is called panels (slats) of an elongated shape, with a perforated edge and a latch lock that allows them to be connected in sections of the desired size. There are several types of component strips:

  • Basic (ordinary);
  • Auxiliary. There are initial, finishing, and connecting bars;
  • Soffit panels. Ceiling panels for roof filing;
  • Slats for window and door openings;
  • Edging. Connect the corners of the siding panels, covering the ends.

James Hardie Siding Sacramento

Panels with a surface imitating wood (timber, blockhouse, and clapboard), natural stone, plaster, and brick are popular.

The principle of arrangement of the hinged facade system occurs in several stages:

  • Installation of the crate (guides). As a crate of wooden walls, wooden slats, or a metal profile is used;
  • Waterproofing. It is performed necessarily, with the help of a moisture-windproof membrane;
  • Insulation. If thermal protection is needed, the crate is made in two layers, between which the insulation is placed;
  • Installation of panels.

Such a device of the facade system allows air to freely circulate along the walls, preventing condensation on the wood. Constant ventilation protects the walls from the appearance of mold and mildew and the system as a whole from external influences (sun, rain, and frost). In addition to the protective, James Hardie Siding has another important function-decorative.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Now You Are Ready to Get the Best James Hardie Siding Sacramento has to offer!

Now you can choose the best James Hardie siding, as it has the following advantages:

  1. James Hardie Siding can be used on all bases, both new and operated or reconstructed houses. Any house, bathhouse, garage, or utility block can be given the desired appearance, regardless of the bearing capacity of the enclosing structures. It is enough just to choose the type of cladding most suitable for the initial conditions and the specifics of the operating mode.
  2. Practicality, high-quality siding is the material that was "made and forgotten." James Hardie Siding does not need to be painted, treated with antiseptics, or hydrophobized either immediately or over time. Dirt is easily washed off with simple water from a hose in a drain and a blind area. However, when considering James Hardie siding, it is worth considering external factors – if there is a street with heavy traffic and dust clubs nearby, there will be more problems with lightly textured surfaces. It makes sense to choose smooth slats, from which the dirt will be washed away by rain without the intervention of the owners.
  3. Availability of James Hardie Siding consists of an acceptable cost of the products of famous brands, from a good coverage of all regions by dealer networks, and from the possibility of installation.
  4. No reference to the season – the installation of James Hardie siding itself in finishing the house does not provide for wet processes, and it can be carried out all year round.
  5. Reliability - James Hardie Siding transforms the facade and protects the house's walls from atmospheric factors and mechanical influences. Suppose the cladding of the previous generation was fragile and began to "walk" after the first season. In that case, modern materials are solid and resistant to linear expansion, and they are not afraid of the sun, rain with snow, wind, or pests.