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Top 10 Sacramento Magazines

Sacramento Magazines

Top Best Magazines

  • #1 A Seat at the Table Books

    A Seat At The Table Books which opened in 2019 is much more than just a bookstore. It comes with a café, play area and coworking spaces that all those who live in Elk Grove can enjoy. This is a store that is happy to celebrate the variety of different people that live and work in Elk Grove. As well as a good range of books for all ages, they have a wide selection of toys and games that customers can buy. The experienced staff will be more than happy to spend a little time with their customers helping to choose the right kinds of books for them to enjoy. Plus throughout the year a wide range of events that the whole community can enjoy take place in A Seat At The Table Books store.

    9257 Laguna Springs Dr Ste 130

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #2 Friends of the Library The Book Den

    Friends of the Library set up The Book Den to allow people who live in Sacramento the chance to enjoy books at affordable prices since the 1960’s. Customers are able to go to the store (by appointment only at this time) and peruse the large collection of used quality books they have in store. All the money raised through the sale of the books here then goes to help keeping Sacramento’s publish library up and running. The experienced staff at The Book Den, Friends of the Library, Sacramento will be more than willing to help customers to find books that they will enjoy reading.

    8250 E Belvedere Ave Ste E

    Sacramento, CA 95826

  • #3 J Crawford’s Books

    J Crawford’s Books has been the store that many people in Sacramento like to visit since it first opened in 1983. As soon as the customer walks through its doors there is a huge selection of children and adult books to select from. The experienced staff at J Crawford’s Books is passionate about their work and are more than happy to spend time with customers in order to help them find that perfect book. But it isn’t all about new books here as they even allow customers to bring in books they’ve already read to trade in place of a new one. Plus they offer a large selection of second hand books at affordable prices.

    5301 Freeport Blvd Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95822

  • #4 Midtown Monthly

    Midtown Monthly is a magazine published explicitly for those who live in Midtown Sacramento. The first copy was published back in 2008 and focuses on food, music, art, and Midtown Sacramento’s life. MidtownCustomers can easily pick up a free copy of this magazine each month as it is available at 350 different locations in Sacramento’s central city district area. It provides readers with the opportunity to learn more about what this wonderful city has to offer to those who have decided to make the city their home. It also helps to keep the community alive by arranging several events throughout the year.

    980 9th St Ste 175

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #5 N Magazine

    N Magazine likes to let people learn more about Natomas and the West Sacramento communities. Each month more than 25,000 copies of this magazine are delivered free to homes and business through Natomas since its first publication in 2005. It is the go to magazine for those who live and work in this city to keep track of what is going on. Through the staff’s experience and hard work it has helped to show to others the many positive benefits to be gained from choosing to live here. It also provides its readers with the opportunity to take part in events such as the annual photography contest.

    2121 Natomas Crossing Dr

    Sacramento, CA 95834

    (916) 927-9024

  • #6 Newsbeat

    Newsbeat has been the go to store in Davis, CA since 1969 selling a wide selection of newspapers and magazines for those who live and work in this city to enjoy. It is also a store that likes to items such as greetings cards that have been designed and produced locally. Even though they’ve moved to different locations in Davis they always ensure that they provide products that what makes newsstands so important to community life. Their staff are always willing to help their customers if they are having difficulty finding what they are looking for. This makes such a store feel more homely and customers return time and time again.

    514 3rd St

    Davis, CA 95616

    (530) 756-6247

  • #7 Rocket Records

    Rocket Records is a little oasis that music lovers of all ages will enjoy spending time in. This store which opened in 2016 is located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. With well over 40 years experience the staff are ready to help customers find the music that they want. As well as selling vintage vinyl records, customers are also able to buy CD and music tapes. This is also a store that is more than happy to purchase any records, cds or tapes that people no longer want or need. They sell everything from country, rock and roll, jazz, soul and funk. So customers are sure to find that album that they use to have here.

    1002 24th St

    Sacramento, CA 95816

  • #8 Sactown Magazine

    Sactown Magazine has now become the largest respected one for the whole of the Sacramento region since its first publication in 2006. On average each move 40,000 copies of this magazine are circulated throughout Sacramento. It is a magazine that allows those who live and work in Sacramento to keep up with what is happening through the whole region. Through this magazine people are able to discover everything that Sacramento has to offer, such the best restaurants, bakers, and cafes to what events are going to be taking place. You can either purchase this through local newsagents or by signing up for a subscription on the magazines website.

    1107 9th St Ste 900

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #9 The Avid Reader at Tower

    The Avid Reader At Tower has now become one of Sacramento’s best independent bookstores since it doors first opened in 1985. Customers can spend time wandering around it looking at the wide range of books it sells. It sells a broad array of books that are both suitable for adults and children to enjoy. Plus this store also sells a wide selection of toys and games, magazines and newspapers. Should any customers be unable to find what they are looking for the experienced staff will be able to help them. Plus throughout the year they have a number of events taking place where local authors will carry out a reading of their latest books.

    1945 Broadway

    Sacramento, CA 95818

  • #10 Time Tested Books

    Time Tested Books has been offering those who live in Sacramento and Northern California access to a large selection of quality books after opening in 1981. But it is more than just a bookstore as here customers find they offer a good selection of vinyl records. This is a store that loves to be part of the community and will arrange events for those who live and work in Sacramento to enjoy. Plus even if customers are unable to find the book they are looking a member of staff will soon be able to assist them, and if they don’t have it in stock they will try to get a copy for them. They will also even attempt to try and find books that are rare or no longer in print.

    1114 21st St

    Sacramento, CA 95811

Are you looking for some glossy magazines in Sacramento? Are you eager to open the cover and see what's inside the pages of these local magazines? Whatever your purpose is, be it for business or for pleasure, magazines do provide some form of entertainment and leisure for their readers.

Best Magazines in Sacramento

Buy the Top 10 Best Magazines in Sacramento

Sacramento has several magazines for you to choose from. Each one of these Sacramento local magazines contains information that you may find useful in your daily life. You may be surprised to find out that searches for "magazines near me" still rank high each week. Sacramento residents do not want to be left behind, especially when it comes to juicy news. They want to be always “in the know”. So, if you want to be updated on "what's up and about" in Sacramento, these magazines will feed you in on the details. Whatever your interests are, there will be a Sacramento local magazine that will fit your style and personality. You will love their pages on trendy news, lifestyle bits, and a lot more.

The list of the top 10 best local magazines in Sacramento will be your handy guide for these bearers of local news and events, including business, fashion, healthcare options, restaurants, sports, and even insights on distinct local personalities of Sacramento and beyond. These local magazines may come in different editions and are published regularly for your consumption.

You can even sign up for regular subscriptions. If you are looking at the advertising side, and you are interested in posting some ads for your business, you may connect with them to know the details. The latest copies of these Sacramento local magazines are scattered on many shelves all over the city. You may go and grab a copy now.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Now you are ready to choose the best Magazines in Sacramento

Some of these Sacramento local magazines have been around for some time, spanning over quite a few generations of regular patrons and readers. With the onset of digital media, they were able to survive, carving their own niche in the field of printed publications. Bring up talk of local news, and they are there amidst it all. They are the lifestyle authority that speaks about the most important facets of the wonderful world of Sacramento.

Included inside these Sacramento local magazines' pages are announcements of upcoming activities like art exhibits, trending restaurants, fashion, beauty, and health tips. You may also find inspirational articles on men and women achievers in the local community. Whether you are looking for updated juicy news or just rearing to read through the glamour spreads, these local magazines are for you. Talk about the latest trend in hairstyles and you’ll find them also inside these Sacramento magazines. Never to be left out are the latest tips on home remodeling, parenting advice, sustainable and eco-friendly “greening” tips, and a whole lot more. Sports, hobbies, and lifestyles – they have them too!

One thing is for sure, these Sacramento local magazines are educational, entertaining as well as informative. They are also great venues to let your products and business be known to the local market. It doesn’t matter whatever your purpose is, for buying these local magazines. They are simply yours to keep. These Sacramento local magazines are published for their readers to read and enjoy. As you pick one copy of the top 10 magazines of Sacramento, you can always take your sweet time to sit down and relax as you flip through the colorful pages of these neatly designed local publications.