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Top 10 Sacramento Pediatric Dentists

Sacramento Pediatric Dentists

Top Best Pediatric Dentists

  • #1 Capital Pediatric Dentistry

    Capital Pediatric Dentistry, which was founded by Dr. David J. Crippen has brought much-sought-after pediatric dental treatment to the Downtown, Midtown, and East Sacramento areas. Dr. Crippen is a highly-trained—Board Certified Specialist—offering the most excellent oral healthcare for the young ones; infants, children, adolescents, and those with special health needs. Their offices are uniquely designed to provide for the unique needs of children. Their reception area is stocked with children’s toys, and there is a special child gaming room with a variety of online video games. Each dentist chair has an LCD television mounted on the ceiling for all patients to watch kids’ programs while receiving treatment. Their office is entirely automated, and only digital x-rays are taken, which have been shown to limit radiation exposure.

    920 29th St

    Sacramento, CA 95816

    (916) 476-3972

  • #2 Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists

    Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists offers fantastic Orthodontist services. The organization is located in Sacramento and West Sacramento. They offer a wide range of treatments that will satisfy your needs or your children's. They provide face-driven and low-force orthodontics. They also use state-of-art technology to attain quality outcomes with comfort for every patient—children, teenagers, and adults. They offer super-flexible, affordable payment alternatives and liaise with insurance to optimize your benefits. And for a couple of years (since 2001), Dr. Giannetti & Dr. Booms have endeavored to help their customers have the perfect smiles. They have a team that is passionate and focused on helping out their clients. So don’t hesitate to contact them whenever you need their services.

    2650 21st St Ste 8

    Sacramento, CA 95818

  • #3 Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry

    Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry offers a variety of dental treatment and oral health services for kids and teenagers within the Sacramento, CA metro area. Dr. Brenda Ho, DDS, mother of two, is devoted to treating her young patients with compassion. They offer dental solutions such as Cleanings & Fluoride Treatments, Cavity Treatment, Sedation Dentistry, Emergency Dental, etc. This pediatric dentistry facility has compassionate, competent staff members trained to deal with children's dental issues. Their objective is to improve your child's dental health while creating a comfortable setting for their early dental experiences. Greenhaven Pediatric Dentistry team works hard to build a unique connection with each family to make the dental treatment process enjoyable for both the kid and the parent.

    905 Secret River Dr Ste E

    Sacramento, CA 95831

  • #4 Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics - Natomas Office

    Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics - Natomas Office is one of the most trusted and well-known kids’ dental clinics in Sacramento. They specialize in delivering the best pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care to their minor clients. Their staff is exceptionally kid-friendly, and no one child stays without complete care and attention. They provide a large, fun environment for those who want to relax. Their focus is on the prevention of teeth diseases and teaching the tricks of healthy teeth. Kids Care Dental offers all services to help your children feel comfortable and safe in their clinic.

    4670 Natomas Blvd Ste 100

    Sacramento, CA 95835

  • #5 Laguna Orthodontics

    Laguna Orthodontics has been reputable for providing excellent orthodontic services in conveniently Elk Grove, California for a couple of years. Dr. Gregory L. Adams is well-known for his exceptional orthodontic treatment techniques in a clean and convenient atmosphere for the whole family. This facility boasts of offering a range of dental treatment solutions such as clear ceramic braces and Invisalign. Their offices are equipped with ultra-modern technology to see that you get the most effective and updated treatment. What’s more, they’ve got a highly experienced team that is committed to identifying the best treatment option for your orthodontic needs. Their staff work round the clock to offer the best assistance for their clients.

    7915 Laguna Blvd Ste 160

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #6 Pediatric Dentistry of West Sacramento

    Pediatric Dentistry of West Sacramento specializes in pediatric dentistry practices and offers its services in West Sacramento and the surrounding communities. The facility is famous for using patient-focused dentistry, ultra-modern techniques, therapies, and appliances, focusing on education— diet, habit cessation, dental trauma avoidance, oral hygiene practices, and anticipatory guidance. Dr. Johnson’s team has more than 15 years of expertise in pediatric dentistry. They provide exceptional services for special needs. For example, they have a unique treatment program for children with special developmental or medical conditions. What's more, they have partnered with many PPO insurances and direct to public transportation to provide you with the best services in the most convenient way possible.

    2101 Stone Blvd Ste 130

    West Sacramento, CA 95691

  • #7 Poidmore Orthodontics

    Poidmore Orthodontics boasts of creating a treatment atmosphere that is fun and relaxing, which hopefully you or your child will enjoy being a part of. And are arguably the best Orthodontics providers in Folsom, California. They specialize in providing personalized treatment throughout your smiling journey. Dr. Poidmore offers a wide range of orthodontic services to meet your specific requirements. Moreover, they treat patients of all ages and specialize in dentofacial and craniofacial orthopedics, sleep apnea, and cleft palate. They want their patients to be aware of their orthodontic and dental requirements. And as a result, they provide a free consultation to address all of your orthodontic issues.

    2310 E Bidwell St Ste 250

    Folsom, CA 95630

  • #8 Roseville Kids Dentist

    Roseville Kids Dentist is a certified facility that is recommended by various organizations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). They offer their services in Roseville, Californian. The organization is led by Dr. Jude Crutchfield, D.M.D., and Dr. Jordan Priestley, D.D.S., who have tons of experience in the child dentistry field. They offer a wide variety of services like X-rays, Sealants, Preventive Orthodontics, Drill Free, and what have you. Additionally, they offer the LTM Precise Diode Laser. Lasers in dentistry are a fantastic tool for making soft tissue dental operations run more efficiently and less intrusive.

    1253 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste 190B

    Roseville, CA 95678

  • #9 Surfside Kids Dental - Elk Grove

    Surfside Kids Dental- Elk Grove, founded in 2012, is one of the best pediatric dentists in Fair Oaks, California. It’s devoted to creating a fantastic experience for every member of your family. The organization appreciates that Pediatric dentistry is an art of thoughtfully developing and building good health in your children. They strive to educate both parents and children on potential dental problems and how to prevent them. As a result, they offer the best dental treatment procedures, convincing them with the specialized themes and solving their dental issues. Moreover, they handle each patient uniquely, thereby offering the best value for your kid’s dental health.

    5010 Laguna Blvd Ste 101

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #10 Surfside Kids Dental - Land Park

    Surfside Kids Dental, located at Land Park, Sacramento, California, strives to help inspire fun, happy and healthy Smiles. It’s a trusted kid dentistry clinic, offering families excellent pediatric dental and orthodontic treatments in a pleasant environment. They offer a wide range of dental-related services such as Cavity Treatment, Sedation Dentistry, Emergency Dental, and so forth. The Surfside Kids Dental team comprises highly-qualified doctors who are always friendly, gentle, knowledgeable, and terrific with kids. The clinic is equipped with state-of-art appliances that will ensure that your kid receives the best available treatment. Besides, they’ve liaised with insurance companies to see that the treatment process is uninterrupted.

    2615 Riverside Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 95818

  • #11 Surfside Kids Dental Fair Oaks

    Surfside Kids Dental is located in Fair Oaks, California, and has been providing dental treatment services for years. They have created a child-friendly treatment environment, with toys in the waiting room and TVs above the seats for kids to view as they sit. Every step of the procedure, the dentist talks to the kids to let them know what to anticipate and reassure them, so they feel more at ease and less stressed. Their doctors are specially-trained, and they are good with kids. They have state-of-art equipment that can handle virtually every dental issue that your child may experience. Also, sedation methods are offered for extremely worried or young individuals.

    7806 Madison Ave

    Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Do you need the service of the best pediatric dentist located nearby for your children? There are several pediatric dentists and dental clinics in the city of Sacramento. All of them can provide the best dental care for children and adults alike.

Best Pediatric Dentists in Sacramento

Find the Best Pediatric Dentists in Sacramento

Children’s needs for dental treatments are different than that of adults. This is the reason why there are pediatric dentists that focuses mainly in treating children. It is a known fact that children have an innate fear of dental visits. Usually, it comes from a trauma gained from their first dental experience. They may have felt unbearable pain during that dental visit and as such, they no longer want to come back. The best pediatric dentists are aware of this. They would know how to handle the fear and anxiety of children. When the children go on their dental visit, they can always use child psychology in managing the fear of these children. Some pediatric dentists even decorate their dental clinics to make it more kid friendly. A pain-free dental procedure will ensure that the children can relax and enjoy the process. There are pediatric dentists who even give out goodies after the dental visit. Pediatric dentists must always win the hearts of their children as patients.

Most children do not see their dentists as tooth fairies. They are intimidated by their presence. The best dentist for children knows how to let them feel at ease and comfortable by showing them compassion and understanding. A pediatric dentist’s experience in handling children’s oral care management is a big plus. A soft and caring touch from their dentist during the treatment can really go a long way. A good pediatric dentist must gain the trust of their little patients. They should ensure that every child's dental visit experience is always positive. These pediatric dentists should make it fun and exciting, at least in the eyes of these children. As they go along, these children can learn how to properly take care of their teeth so they can keep them for a longer time.

For your children’s dental needs, you may choose a pediatric dental clinic near your place that offers a wide array of dental treatments and services. Some of them are clinics that cater purely to children. Most of these dentists can do dental implants, dentures in a day, tooth extraction, dental alignment, Invisalign braces, and a whole lot more. On top of it all, these pediatric dentists in Sacramento must always ensure the children’s overall dental health.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Now you are ready to hire Pediatric Dentists in Sacramento

Dental emergencies happen for real. It is the reason why a few of the most researched words on the internet goes by phrases like, “24-hour dental care near me”, “best pediatric dentist near me”, and “24-hour emergency dentist’. Some urgent dental concerns need to be attended to immediately, especially for children. What will you do when your child cries in the middle of the night complaining of severe toothache? Instinct will tell you to rush online to check on where to find the nearest local pediatric dentist. This is the main reason why it pays to have a trusted pediatric dentist nearby, to help you out in cases of such dental emergencies

The list of the Top 10 Sacramento Pediatric Dentists may serve as a helpful guide for you in selecting who among these pediatric dentists can take care of your children’s oral health the most. You can also check the reviews of their patients online to know the kind of service that these pediatric clinics provide.

Always remember that a pediatric dentist should be a child’s best friend. Being such can pave the way for many healthy and happy visits of children to their pediatric dental clinics.