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Top 10 Sacramento Real Estate Agents

Sacramento Real Estate Agents

Top Best Real Estate Agents

  • #1 Dennis Elliott - Realtor

    As a premier listing agent in Sacramento, Dennis helps sellers achieve maximum sales prices for their homes, in the least amount of time possible. Dennis is a Top-Rated real estate agent in Sacramento, and serves clients in the Greater Sacramento and surrounding areas. Dennis has an extensive background in real estate investing, and helps clients achieve their real estate goals, whether it is buying, selling, or investing. Dennis has a Real Estate Broker's License, and offers property management services as well.

    4080 Truxel Rd. #100

    Sacramento, CA 95834

  • #2 Chantel Hernandez - Keller Williams Realty

    Chantel Hernandez - Keller Williams Realty is a real estate company that offers real estate services in Sacramento. They specialize in quality service for both buyers and sellers. They have earned respect and confession in their area by working tirelessly for their clients. Their full-service stack includes buying, selling, and renting luxury apartments, homes, and condominiums. They have been working for many years on the market. Their staffs follow the principle of openness, friendliness, and transparency for their customers. They are well versed in the real estate property market and provide you with the best choice to meet all your requirements.

    4080 Truxel Rd Ste 100

    Sacramento, CA 95834

    (916) 546-9071

  • #3 Chrissy Conner - Conner Patrick Real Estate Team

    Chrissy Conner - Conner Patrick Real Estate Team is a significant and highly trusted real estate agency in Roseville. They provide superior customer service to all clients. Their realtors are highly skilled. They know in detail the whole process of property buying and selling. They will assist you from the beginning to the end in this challenging, stressful, and essential function. They meet all requirements of the clients and give precious advice helping to achieve the best results. Their experienced team offers the best knowledge and skills in the market.

    548 Gibson Dr Ste 200

    Roseville, CA 95678

  • #4 Connie Van Real Estate

    Connie Van Real Estate is an innovative Real Estate Agency located at 9250 Laguna Springs, Elk Grove, California. Their proven track record that goes above and beyond has earned them a five-star rating on yelp. They guide their clients as they buy, sell or invest in real estate to suit their family’s needs. They have a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff who help clients achieve their dreams. They are very transparent with their clients, deliver excellent and fast services, and their staff’s nice and friendly nature creates good long-term relationships. Visit their easy-to-navigate website today and learn more about their services.

    9250 Laguna Springs Dr Ste 100

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #5 Frank Tadych  |  Berkshire Hathaway Davis

    Frank Tadych | Berkshire Hathaway Davis is a specialist real estate agency at 2903 Lillard Dr, Davis, California. They service the Bay Area, Napa, Davis, and Sacramento. They help their clients secure fantastic homes and advise them based on their preferences throughout the entire process.,-Yelp. They come highly recommended by their former clients who all acquired the perfect homes thanks to the excellent services offered by their real estate agents. Their mission is to meet every client's real estate needs and objectives, and they have continued to do so throughout the years. Contact them today and watch as they maximize your returns! Their top-tier professionalism, quality service, fast responses, and great value have earned them a five-star review on yelp.

  • #6 James Tan - Bethany Real Estate and Investments

    James Tan - Bethany Real Estate and Investments is a unique real estate agency in Elk Grove. They specialize in urgent search of the sellers and buyers for the property with the best deal possible. Their business brokers know in detail all characteristics of the property. It allows them to meet all requirements of the customers. They will quickly and accurately find you the best buyer or the best house at an affordable price. James Tan - Bethany Real Estate and Investments will be pleased to help you with their unmatchable expertise when you contact them for all your business broker needs.

    9245 Laguna Springs Dr

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

  • #7 Lynda Fong - Realty ONE Group Complete

    Lynda Fong - Realty ONE Group Complete is a leading real estate company in Sacramento. They have worked on the market for many years. Realty ONE Group Complete specializes in informing clients about the current state, demands, and supply of every property type. Their highly-qualified team provide all necessary service and help in decision-making to achieve the best results in buying and selling houses and apartments. They offer affordable prices for their clever work, which makes them proud. They are dedicated to giving the best service to their clients and even provide a free market analysis.

    2335 American River Dr Ste 100

    Sacramento, CA 95825

    (916) 225-1680

  • #8 Mairin Haley - Compass

    Mairin Haley Compass is a passionate real estate agency in 2100 H St Sacramento, California. They have helped real estate buyers, and sellers achieve their dream homes since 2014. Their agents are skilled, thoughtful, and knowledgeable realtors who go the extra mile to advise you based on your preferences. They have over ten years of experience in selling and buying real estate, leasing, and finance. Their unique and helpful realtors have earned them a five-star review on yelp. They educate their clients on how to buy, sell and rent smarter. They also clean, paint, stage, landscape, and fix minor repairs before the homes hit the market. Visit their website today to get a full review of their services and to buy, sell or rent a home.

    1610 R St

    Sacramento, CA 95811

  • #9 Molly Mai - Realtor

    Molly Mai is an organized real estate agent at 9250 Laguna Springs Drive, Elk Grove, California. She brings an unparalleled set of attributes to her career which add value to her clients. She focuses on the real estate market in Sacramento as she has been a Sacramento resident for nearly fifteen years and therefore knows the nuances of the community exceptionally well. Her goal is to inspire, educate and guide her clients to make well-informed real estate decisions. Her excellent skills as a realtor have earned her a five-star review on yelp. She is always prepared, organized, thorough, and keeps her clients well informed, educated, and advised throughout the sale.

    9250 Laguna Springs Dr Ste 100

    Elk Grove, CA 95758

    (916) 291-0665

  • #10 Parm Atwal Real Estate Team - Keller Williams Realty

    Parm Atwal Real Estate Team - Keller Williams Realty is a famous and trusted real estate agency in Sacramento. Their services include buying, selling, and investing in properties. Their team built a unique recommendation system to select the best real estate operations in the current market. They have extensive experience with thousands of completed deals. Parm Atwal Real Estate Team has a strategy of saving their clients’ money and providing the highest quality service at once. The staff will be pleased to listen to all your requirements and offer you an adequate estimation of the real estate objects in the market.

    4080 Truxel Rd Ste 100

    Sacramento, CA 95834

Do you want to buy or sell a property? You may be looking for a new place, or you want to sell your current house. Either way, Sacramento has a lot of real estate agents that can help you out.

Best Real Estate Agents in Sacramento

Best Realtors in Sacramento

Our homes are one of our biggest investments. It is a given fact that people always move from time to time. Not necessarily because they wanted to, but it can be due to changes in their lives that demand such a move. If you are in such a situation, you need to spend a lot of thought when buying or selling your property. It is a decision that must always be right, and it is wise first to weigh all the consequences before you proceed with your plans. Knowing your reasons why you need to move is a vital step in the buying or selling process.

Some of the reasons people move may be family issues, accessibility concerns, any change in financial status, job, or lifestyle changes, or as an investment. There may be more to add to this list, but the bottom line here is that it is a major decision that affects your life and your family. In this case, you will be better off with someone who can ably do all the real estate transaction details in a timely and efficient manner.

It will be wise to get a Sacramento real estate agent to ease all the hassles in property negotiations, including the necessary documentation. Whether you're a property buyer, seller, or investor, they can provide the assistance that you need. You must consider all the options possible depending on your needs.

You may start with sorting out all your considerations for this real estate transaction. Your real estate agent may need all the information they require from you to negotiate for your property effectively. A good real estate agent can simplify the process for you, as they know more about the Sacramento real estate market trends and requirements.

Begin with looking for a reputable real estate company and find a Sacramento real estate agent that you can trust. Any successful business relationship must be founded on honesty and transparency.

The same is true for any real estate transaction. A list of the top ten best Sacramento real estate agents is included in this article to help you find the most suitable Sacramento real estate agent. You may go over the list and check what each one of them can offer. It will also be wise to do your research and ask around for any referrals or recommendations. Online customer reviews for these real estate agents are also available online for your reference.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

Ready to Partner with a Sacramento Real Estate Agent?

Remember, any Sacramento real estate property is a sound investment with an appreciating value. New homes should be the best purchase decision you've ever made without any unnecessary regrets. Current properties must be sold at reasonable and just prices, in a fast and timely manner with fewer snags.

You and your chosen Sacramento real estate agent must always be open to compromises and negotiations, but it must always work to your advantage as a client. The best real estate agent must adhere to professionalism, credibility, and integrity. They must always provide you with a seamless, worry-free, and successful selling and buying process. They should always act with your best interests in mind. Know that those are the main reasons why you are getting their services in the first place.

Do take note that not all Sacramento real estate agents are the same. Be wary of those who may pose as honest and sincere agents who only work for their interests. Always contract the services of a Sacramento real estate agent who will not fast talk you into getting into haphazard deals. Put some premium on the real estate agent's honesty and credibility. They are the type who will always strive to successfully close off any real estate deal to everyone's satisfaction.

To help you realize your Sacramento real estate goals, ensure that you will be working with the right Sacramento real estate agent for one of the most important transactions in your life.