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Top 10 Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers

Top Best Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers

  • #1 The Law Offices of Chadwick Johnson

    The Law Offices of Chadwick Johnson is a new kind of lawyer agency in Sacramento. They specialize in respectful and friendly attorney service for injured workers and residents. They focus on racial and sexual harassment in accidents. Their highly qualified team offers a wide range of methods to protect injured people and represent them in local and federal courts. They support victims and consider wrongful deaths. Their primary goal is to achieve the complete satisfaction of their clients’ legal needs. They work with insurance companies and employers on behalf of their clients to get the appropriate results.

    500 Capitol Mall Ste 2350

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #2 Smolich and Smolich

    Smolich and Smolich is one of the highly rated and reputed accident lawyers firm in Sacramento. They help their customers with compensations after firing, injuring, and disabling of workers. They have been working in the sphere for over 50 years. Their exceptionally experienced lawyers help people receive worthy compensations. Smolich and Smolich provides a personalized approach for every client to reach the best results. They have represented many individuals and businesses in courts successfully. Their personnel is dedicated to the customers’ safety offering the robust procedures of private information storage.

    3200 J St

    Sacramento, CA 95816

  • #3 Eliot Reiner, APLC

    Eliot Reiner, APLC, is a plaintiff personal injury lawyer and law firm in Sacramento. They have been practicing injury laws for over 30 years and have reached the best results for their clients. They specialties include supporting victims of fights, car accidents, and catastrophic wounds. Their experienced attorneys work personally with clients providing the most effective strategy for getting compensation. They are dedicated to recovering every dollar spent on treatment after an accident. They will be happy to offer a free consultation via phone or email. Their staff protect the privacy of their clients by the modern digital technologies and guarantee A whole stack of defending measures.

    701 Howe Ave Ste A-2

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #4 The Law Offices of Dale R Gomes

    The Law Offices of Dale R Gomes is one of the top rated law firms in Sacramento. They specialize in personal injuries and perform the most effective activities to get appropriate compensation for their clients. They struggle for every person’s legal needs with the most successful results. Their experienced team is always ready to come up to an injured client at the first call and protect their interests until their total satisfaction. They will be pleased to provide a free consultation through phone or email and develop an optimal strategy of defending the rights in court.

    455 Capital Mall Ste 305

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #5 Eason and Tambornini

    Eason and Tambornini is a premier law firm in Sacramento. They specialize in protecting employees by providing services in personal injuries, compensation, and employment laws. Their experienced team represents residents and business representatives in all issues with employment, including immigration, distance, and networking ones. They have been working for over 60 years, always guarding their clients’ interests and gaining the fastest and most impressive support reputation. They have a friendly and respectful manner of working with their customers and achieving fair results in most complex cases.

    1234 H St Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95814

  • #6 Penney and Associates

    Penney and Associates is the most trusted and reliable lawyer company in Roseville. They specialize in all kinds of injures, including car, truck, bike, boat, and dog incidents. Their experienced personnel provides the most appropriate and adequate methods to protect the clients’ interests and get the best possible compensation. They are committed to customers who need help in difficult situations. Their team handles electrocution, plane, and helicopter accidents. They work most transparently and aggressively to achieve all clients’ needs in the shortest time.

    1490 Stone Point Dr Ste 200

    Roseville, CA 95661

  • #7 Demas Law Group

    Demas Law Group is a personal injury and car accident law agency in Sacramento. They can help with any car accidents victims, including dog bites and wrongful death. Their skilled staffs have been providing the service for over 30 years. They win the maximum cases in local and federal courts, due to which they earned the highest reputation. People trust them in the most complex issues and get complete satisfaction. They offer a free consultation and preliminary estimation of the future changes and compensations. They offer a customized approach to every client building successful lives.

    701 Howe Ave Ste A-1

    Sacramento, CA 95825

  • #8 Edward A Smith Law Offices

    Edward A Smith Law Offices is one of the best personal injury and car accident attorneys in Sacramento. They support and represent clients in local and federal courts after the injures. They are dedicated to getting the appropriate compensations for the clients’ medical bills. Their team has extensive experience in solving problems of lost wages and suffering after accidents. They provide a customized service for people in difficult life situations for the best possible results. Their team never stops until they reach the complete satisfaction of their clients.

    1900 Point W Way Ste 200

    Sacramento, CA 95815

  • #9 Phoong Law Corp

    Phoong Law Corp is one of the best law firms in Sacramento. They specialize in providing help for injured people after accidents, home or outdoor violence, insurance issues, or defective food and equipment suffering. Their experienced and licensed team offers complete support at any stage of the most complicated cases. They will be pleased to provide a free consultation about the fair settlement possible in their clients’ troubles. They respond and work by email and in video calls if their customers wish it. They focus on the clients’ safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

    2725 Riverside Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 95818

Are you injured or became a participant in a road accident? Are you looking for an excellent personal lawyer in Sacramento? Not every person who has applied to lawyers knows about their rights and the possibilities of their protection, legal and social issues related to the treatment process, return to work, and registration of disability.

Best Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

Contact the Best Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

A practicing lawyer with knowledge of the basics of providing medical care and the regulatory legal framework will allow you to realize your rights, get all the necessary assistance provided by law, feel more confident when faced with difficulties in the process of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

The most common violations of the patient's rights are:

  • Unjustified refusal to provide medical care and injury attorneys (failure to provide medical care in emergency situations, in particular, related to road traffic, household trauma);
  • Provision of medical care of inadequate quality;
  • Causing harm to the life and health of the patient during the provision of medical care;
  • Violation of the conditions and treatment regimen;
  • Defects in the design of medical documentation.

Legally, the protection of patient rights is not singled out as a separate legal mechanism. The procedure for protecting the patient's rights is regulated by the general norms of legislation regulating the protection of the rights of citizens in general.

The main conditions for a successful solution are a clear position and a competent presentation of fair requirements. A lawyer specializing in medical law can help with this. Often such a specialist has both medical and legal education and extensive experience in solving such cases.

Personal Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers are aware of several features and nuances that need to be provided. The success will depend on how well the document is drawn up; the position is stated and supported by the norms of the legislation. To do this, we have selected the best lawyers in Sacramento.

Our Selection Criteria

Each business is graded according to the following criteria:


How qualified are they to do the work in their chosen field? Do they have any licenses or certifications?


Are they open during normal business hours? Are the hours clearly posted on their website and at their actual storefront?


What are others saying about them? How well-known are they in the community?


How many years have they been in business? Have they won any awards or accolades?


How do they treat their customers? Are they courteous?

##Now you are ready to choose Injury Attorneys & Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

Now you are ready to contact a lawyer who will help you with documentation on the following issues:

  • Legal analysis of the patient's medical documentation to identify the facts of medical errors( medical errors), defects in the provision of medical care, incorrect diagnosis, provision of poor-quality medical services, poor-quality medical care, refusal to provide medical care, late provision of assistance;
  • Preliminary legal assessment of defects in the provision of medical care;
  • Organization of medical examination of medical errors and defects in the provision of medical care;
  • Determining the subject and grounds of a dispute in the field of medical services;
  • Determination of the legal position and tactics of conducting the case in the judicial process;
  • Preparation of a statement of claim to the court;
  • Preparation of applications;
  • Representing the interests of patients with poor-quality medical services;
  • Protection of the rights of patients with poor-quality medical care in courts of various instances;
  • Representation of the patient's interests during the trial in court.

We recommend that you definitely meet with a lawyer in person. During a pandemic, such a meeting can be held by video conference, but personal interaction will be more effective. Immersion in your problem, verbal contact, detailed information on the possible development of the situation, the turns of the case are critical in the interaction of the principal with the lawyer. In addition, it will be more convenient to ask any sensitive questions during a personal meeting and discuss the financial side of the case.

The procedure for protecting the rights of citizens is a legal procedure and requires special knowledge. We believe that the list of lawyers will allow you to choose the best and successfully solve your cases. It is better to entrust their solution to a professional lawyer in tricky situations since numerous formalities, and bureaucratic obstacles can become a big problem in Sacramento.